Remote Support

You must know the feeling to have your computer stuck on a matter you cannot resolve, causing you to stop your work flow and fall behind schedule, well with our top of the range remote support system we will connect to your pc in no time and fix your IT problems in a few minutes. We can also support you in all other IT related matter.   With Remote Support, you just have to call us from anywhere in the world for us to have your problem diagnosed and fixed via the internet.  There are only 4 steps:-

  1. Call us
  2. Get your problem diagnosed by us
  3. Pay via mobile money or paypal
  4. Computer problem fixed

In most cases problems have been resolved to customers´ satisfaction. However, should we not be able to fix remotely due to tangible reasons you have the option to bring your machine to our office (if possible) or have your money back – and that is our PROMISE with no quibbles.

How it works

Remote Support is a cost-effective technology that allows an IT technician to gain access to a computer in another location without being on the premises. From his location he can securely connect to the remote computer just as if  he were right there.  All you need is Internet connection.  The Technician will usually give you a session ID to enter – this is your permission allowing us to connect to your computer. Without you entering the ID on your computer we cannot gain access. When the technician is done on the computer he will disconnect from it.


  1. Remote support is safe and secure – it´s fully encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This includes all screen data, file transfers, keystrokes and chat messages.  We employ a 256 bit AES encryption algorithm, similar to that used by many banking and government institution
  2. Remote support saves time and money – no need to waste time getting to us or wait for a technician to arrive.  Just call and we connect.
  3. Remote support is convenient – you can schedule us in advance for your convenience
  4. Remote support does not rely on location. You can be located in Accra, WA or outside Ghana when you´re on a vacation or business trip